Nicol & Ford



Nicol & Ford is an ethically produced demi-couture emerging label helmed by Katie-Louise and Timothy Nicol-Ford in Sydney, Australia. With a focus on Silhouette, textile and texture, Nicol & Ford produces classically “feminine” silhouettes for all gender identities, empowering the contemporary social deconstruction of binaries by revisiting and subverting traditional understandings of glamour and construction. 

Made to order and constructed in locally sourced designer-end fabric and made to size, Nicol & Ford is a slow paced response to the fast fashion world.

In 2019, Nicol & Ford launched The Goblin’s Cry at the National Gallery of Australia for the Enlighten Festival, in association with Love and Desire: Preraphaelite Masterpieces from the Tate, followed by a resort collection shot throughout Southern Italy in May, utilising an international network of creatives including Shelbie Dimond, Martine Lightblue and Louise Ebel.

An exciting aspect of our label is the opportunity to collaborate with independent artists and designers who, like us, are attempting to create something special and unique which they can share with the world. 


Katie-Louise Nicol-Ford is a trained fashion and costume designer passionate about the fantasy and empowerment brought to life through the visual language of fashion design. Following extensive experience in costume and design throughout Australia and New York, including her eponymous label Katie Louise Ford, Katie-Louise co-founded Nicol & Ford upon discovering a that her vision for an artistic and expressive product was shared with her husband Timothy.


Timothy is a trained art historian, researcher and designer currently working as Co-Curator of the Fashion Hub Programme alongside Dr Gene Sherman AM at the Sherman Centre for Culture & Ideas in Paddington, Sydney. Timothy is the Creative and Conceptual Director of Nicol & Ford, discovering lost narratives to be brought to life through Fashion and Design.

Image by Lauren Horwood, 2018

Image by Lauren Horwood, 2018