Nicol & Ford



Nicol & Ford are Katie-Louise and Timothy Nicol-Ford.

Wife & Husband, Seamstress and Designer, Maker and Hunter. 

Since the conception of The Gold Hatted Lovers in 2014, we have taken time to reassess our direction and influences. We were humbled by the support received for "Lovers Limited", and hope that you will join us on this new journey. 

An exciting aspect of our label is the opportunity to collaborate with independent artists and designers who, like us, are attempting to create something special and unique which they can share with the world. 



Australian Clothing designer and seamstress, Katie-Louise has lived and worked in Brisbane, Melbourne, New York, and Sydney. Katie has a history in costume design and handmade clothing, having run an independent label for 5 years previous to this project. With a love for sideshows and showgirls, our first collection of 1930s inspired clothing hits the spot. 

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Tim is a vintage hoarder and avid hunter of the obscure and rare. Having just finished a University degree in Art History and Theory, The Gold Hatted Lovers is Tim's new creative outlet. A lover of literature, films, and decorative arts from the first half of the 20th century, the menswear range in the Lovers Limited Collection is an exciting opportunity for Tim to have the crazy clothing of dreams and old photographs come to life.