Church Bells 1930s Ivory Heels

Church Bells 1930s Ivory Heels


Beautiful 1930s bridal heels for a lucky lady walking down the isle or perfect paired with an afternoon dress. In exemplary condition with slight fraying to the edge of the stitching which attaches the fabric to the straps. Plenty of wear left in the soles and strength in the straps, they're just waiting for a lucky lady to take them out on the town!


US 8N / UK 5.5N / EU 38.5 Narrow


Length of insole: 9.75"
Width of ball: 3"
Heel height: 3.5"

Condition: Great structural condition with minimal cosmetic wear to the satin. Buckles are in perfect condition and all satin is in place. These heels were most likely only worn once for the big day, and have plenty of wear left in them. They have very faint age spotting which may come out with treatment.

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