My Grandmothers Garden 1920s Chain Stitch French Purse

My Grandmothers Garden 1920s Chain Stitch French Purse


A truly stunning example of the craftsmanship invested in 1920s clothing and accessories, this French made purse is a stunning staple for a pre-code collection! This piece came to us preserved in immaculate condition, with antique tissue stuffed inside to carefully protect the chain-stitched embroidery depicting a multi-coloured floral spray with central rose. The entire piece seems to have been hand stitched into the stunning brass frame which has a lovely inset border of turquoise enamel beneath heavily patterned and detailed borders.

Marked to lining: "Hand Made - Made in France"
Body of Bag: 10.5cm high x 19cm wide
Chain:  33cm total length

Condition: In exceptional condition, I would venture to say that this piece may not have ever been used, considering that it came to us stuffed with 1920s tissue

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